Sighisoara, Timisoara, two cities you can’t confuse

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Marie Damman Marie Damman

On the way from Cluj-Napoca to Brasov, there is a small town called Sighisoara. That town is really pretty. The citadel has a nice view on the lower town, which includes a huge orthodox church. You can still feel the medieval atmosphere, with the stones paths, the high walls and the colorful townhouses. We missed only medieval people to finish the painting.

Somewhere, lost between the tourists, a troubadour walked up the stairs where a musician played guitar. We can join him though. The Café Medieval offers to rent traditional costumes. Actually, every year, the town run the time backward again, with a medieval festival at the end of July.

Nearby, on Piata Muzului, there are many pensiune (bed & breakfast), we tried the Burg hostel which was nice. The town still has a lot of German history. Signs are written in German. You can also find an

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Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is comprised of an intricate network of waterways and lakes divided between the three main estuary channels of the Danube.

This area of floating reed islands, forests, pastures and sand dunes covers 3,000 square miles and is home to a fascinating mix of cultures and people as well as a vast array of wildlife.

Centuries ago, Chilia was a port on the Black Sea, a vital link between Europe and the Orient. In time, the alluvium deposited by the Danube has extended the land ever further into the Black Sea. Today, Chilia stands more than 25 miles from the sea. First documented in 1241 in the works of the Persian chronicler, Rashid al-Din, Chilia Veche was the site of a battle between the armies of Mahomed II, the conqueror of Constantinople, and forces led by Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler).

Imagine ….

Lake Rosca (Lacul Rosca)

Lake Rosca, a strictly protected reserve located between Chilia Veche and Periprava, is home to Europe’s largest white pelican colony; the area also harbors greese, egrets and starks.




Periprova, downstream from Chilia Veche, is the last site server by passenger boats on the Chilia arm. South of Periprova, you can explore the impressive Letea Reserve (Padurea Letea) with trees more then 500 years old.





Romania – Amazing Places

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OCHIUL BEIULUI LAKE   Ochiul Beiului Lake, with water that has a green-blue color, is in the village of Sasca Montana, in Caras-Severin County. Way of access By road: Timisoara -> Lugoj -> Resita -> Anina -> Oravita -> Sasca Romana; By road: Drobeta Tr Severin -> Orsova -> Baile Herculane -> Mehadia -> Iablanita […]

About Romania

-Location: Central Europe (Southeastern).

-Flag of Romania: Three vertical stripes: red, yellow and blue.

-Population:19.350.000 (2012).

-Capital: Bucharest.

-Climate: Temperate.

-Religions: Christian Ortodox 78%   Greek Catolic 10%   Roman Catholic 5%   Protestant 5%.

-Currency: Romanian Leu (RON).

ABOUT TRANSYLVANIA (from latin ”the land beyond the forest”)

-Location: Central Romania.

-Area: 34.177sq miles.

-Population: Approximately 5 milion.

-Main Cities: Alba Iulia , Bistrita , Brasov ,  Cluj Napoca ,  Medias , Miercurea Ciuc , Sebes  , Sibiu ,  Sighisoara  , Targu Mures.

Transylvania is home to some of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns, most notably Brasov, featuring Old Saxon architecture and citadel ruins; Sibiu with its cobblestone streets and pastel-colored houses, and Sighisoara, adorned with a hilltop citadel, secret passageways and a 14th century clock tower. Tiny shops offer antiques and fine hand-made products by local artisans and artists. Transylvania is the birthplace of the Unitarian Church that merged with the Universalist Church here in America in 1961 to form the present Unitarian Universalist Association.arbebuk16