Sighisoara, Timisoara, two cities you can’t confuse

I Love Romania !


Marie Damman Marie Damman

On the way from Cluj-Napoca to Brasov, there is a small town called Sighisoara. That town is really pretty. The citadel has a nice view on the lower town, which includes a huge orthodox church. You can still feel the medieval atmosphere, with the stones paths, the high walls and the colorful townhouses. We missed only medieval people to finish the painting.

Somewhere, lost between the tourists, a troubadour walked up the stairs where a musician played guitar. We can join him though. The Café Medieval offers to rent traditional costumes. Actually, every year, the town run the time backward again, with a medieval festival at the end of July.

Nearby, on Piata Muzului, there are many pensiune (bed & breakfast), we tried the Burg hostel which was nice. The town still has a lot of German history. Signs are written in German. You can also find an

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